Need some decorating ideas for your home?

Well… all you need is string… lots of it 😉

Wow, check this out, how gorgeous is this art installation by Gabriel Dawe! Meticulously threaded string so thin it appears translucent like a rainbow.


You can see his work live at the Carter Museum in Texas from August 16, 2016 to September 2, 2018. See Check out more of his work on


Kinetic eye candy on Kickstarter – 17 days to go

Today I came across a seriously beautiful design by Bruce Shapiro on the Kickstarter website. I really recommend you check out this page and view the video, absolutely mesmerising… can you imagine having a coffee table like this? You have 17 days to support this unreal piece of art.




TIP: How to easily get rids of duplicate files on your PC or laptop

Duplicate File Finder - free softwareIf you ever have uploaded the photos from your phone multiple times because you weren’t sure you have backed them up this is a great little FREE piece of software where you can fish out all those duplicates and with a few right-mouse clicks get rid of them all: Duplicate File Finder

I’m reviewing back-up cloud systems at the moment so that’s why I’m tidying up all our computers before getting them all backed-up.

More news soon about Cloud back-up systems.

Enjoy your weekend!



Emoji on your Mac?

inserting emoticons on MacToday I was wondering if I could use Emoji on my Mac (just needed something to cheer up a message on this grey and rainy day) et voilà! You can, just press Ctrl + Cmd + Spacebar and your emoticons should pop up, easy! 🙂

How is your Tuesday looking now? :mrgreen:


How to open Word and Excel files on your Mac

If you have a mac and you are struggling to open Microsoft Office files such as Word and Excel or don’t want to fork out the money for the Office Suite than there is a FREE solution: Open Office.

I have had this installed on my mac for some time now but as a new release has come out it prompted me to let you know about it.

Click here for mor info and free download:

Open Office logo

Feel free to forward it on. It’s free 🙂


Ever wanted to make a grumpy cat from plush or a dinosaur corn cob holder?

Get Creative - Make a Grumpy Cat from Plush :-)

Get Creative – Make a Grumpy Cat from Plush 🙂

Check this site out and learn to do exactly this with easy instructions and photos!


History of Art… very cute

History of Art


Take a quiet moment and enjoy this beautiful short animation and music

Melbourne based Composer and Sound Designer, Nick van Cuylenburg

Melbourne based Composer and Sound Designer, Nick van Cuylenburg

Just saw something so beautiful I had to share it.

Check out Nick van Cuylenburg’s short animation video.

You need a quiet moment to watch this though, just beautiful:


Design is like…. sitting on air!

How would it feel to sit on Pini Leibovich’s Happy Chair made out of balloons??

Design that takes you up into the air…


Designers and their brief

I’m reading a very interesting book about graphic designers and their brief. Text/Images is 50/50 so verrrry easy to read 🙂

The concept is straight forward, 7 top designers explain how they have approached the different briefs such as a brief from a new client, charity, rush job or low budget job.

It’s only $6 on Amazon at the moment so had to share with you! The shortened link to the

Graphics Explained; 7 top designers, 7 briefs, 49 solutions in their own words.

book is:

It’s great to see the process from an idea to the finished product illustrated with beautiful images of the graphic work.

If you are in the creative field or interested in graphic design you will definitely enjoy the read, and for 6 bucks you can’t really go wrong!