Balancing family, work and volunteering

Boomerang Bags at La Casa NostraA balanced life for me is a combination of family, work and volunteer work. I recently got involved with a very rewarding volunteer initiative called Boomerang Bags, I feel all powered up! It started in Australia but is now rapidly spreading all over the world.

In a nut shell, BB brings communities together sewing bags from recycled material to give back to the community to encourage people to stop using those pesky plastic bags.

Anyone can start a group, it can be as big as you or have your whole region involved, it’s totally up to you. What the project has taught me is that many people would like to do something for our environment and now have the perfect platform to do so. And whilst doing something amazing, they make new friendships, such a win-win for everyone.

Read my story here and make it yours!

Campaigners rally for war on waste

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Need some decorating ideas for your home?

Well… all you need is string… lots of it 😉

Wow, check this out, how gorgeous is this art installation by Gabriel Dawe! Meticulously threaded string so thin it appears translucent like a rainbow.


You can see his work live at the Carter Museum in Texas from August 16, 2016 to September 2, 2018. See Check out more of his work on


Kinetic eye candy on Kickstarter – 17 days to go

Today I came across a seriously beautiful design by Bruce Shapiro on the Kickstarter website. I really recommend you check out this page and view the video, absolutely mesmerising… can you imagine having a coffee table like this? You have 17 days to support this unreal piece of art.




Are you offering an awesome service?

If you have happy clients chances are that they would like to share your services with others. So monetise on that and have gift vouchers available. At Judichi Design we can create your own great looking gift voucher that will sure make the recipient feel special.

Check out my latest gift voucher creation for Massage Salon Vera.

Massage Voucher Design



Since my last post in April the whole world joined hands together and raised a whopping £400K in a matter of DAYS giving Mike, my cousin-in-law, a chance to live. Now I have some really great news to share: Mikey’s first biopsy has come back clear. There is still a tough road ahead but we couldn’t have better news than this so THANK YOU EVERYONE ONCE AGAIN XXXXX

For the latest full update go to

If you would like to support this amazing couple you could donate here:

Please SHARE if you can. @donate4mike #donate4mike

Thanks heaps!

Mike received first all clear


Remember #Shake4mike?

Remember #Shake4mike? Well shaking wasn’t enough, we need to STAMP out this crappy disease. Share & #donate4mike now, cancer ain’t waitin!❤️




Get your brain back on a stressful day

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

I could now be doing a million other things but writing this post, but the following article really drew my attention and I started reading it.

If you are a mum or a workaholic I’d recommend you bookmark this article and reread it every month to remind you that no matter how crazy your day becomes you need to take breaks!

I knew deep down that taking breaks increases productivity but time and time again I get tempted to ‘just keep going’ until I ‘hit the wall’… not very sustainable.

So here goes… 6 Ways to Quickly Restore Sanity to Your Day by Sasha VanHoven.


Yum, yoghurt labels :-P

The most delicious job I’ve done to date 🙂 Check out the label design for the new 3 2 1 probiotic yoghurt from the House of Yoghurt. This Icelandic style yoghurt is packed with goodness.

Find them on the Mornington Peninsula markets (see the HoY FB page) or even better… get them delivered to your home! Yum!

Yoghurt label design


Manage your own website easily with WordPress

Want to be in control of your site but not sure where to start? We recently launched another website in WordPress for The Sound Bar in Rosebud. We design and set up your site and you do the editing… easy peasy 🙂

Go and check out this website which includes an Event Calendar as well.

The Sound Bar website


Whooptidoo, another WP site launched :-)

Want to get your own website and manage yourself? We can get you set up with a beautiful site and teach you how to use it.

We have just launched this Landscape Gardening website, including logo design:

Go check them out

WordPress landscaping website design